History of East Ayrshire Part 1

A History of East Ayrshire Car Club and Kames Motorsport Complex, Part 1, 1963 - 1989

This hardcover book is priced at £25. Copies can be purchased at Kames on competition days, Nurseries Direct, Robert Smith (01290 550897) or Ian Gemmell (01292 591226)

Below is a short review of the book.

This is a beautiful little book in hard back with fly cover priced at £25.00. On the night alone it sold 83 copies each one personally signed by the author who is now fully recovered from the ordeal!

Robert's book is genuinely a work of art. How he managed to capture all that has gone on in the 26 years of the history up to 1989 is amazing. There are 228 pages and whilst I haven't counted them I estimate at least 400 photographs of people, cars, and events from sprints, hillclimbs, race meetings, grass tests, rallies, and auto cross. Venues cover all of Scotland and every well known face is there, like Norrie Galbraith, living legend Kenny Allen, Harry Simpson, Melvyn Hartley, EACC President Ian Gemmell, Robert Smith, Bob Baillie, Andrew Smith, Andy "Ticklebits", Scottish motorsport historian Graham Gauld, Alex Graham, Jimmy Fleming, Jim Campbell, Billy Lambie, and hundreds and hundreds more... because every event with any EACC participation is covered with detailed results on every competitor. This book shows clearly the total dedication and endless enthusiasm of the author. It is a unique publication as there is nobody else capable of spending 2 years laboriously compiling such a valued piece of Scottish motorsport history.

RS has not stopped there, oh no, he is apparently well on the way with Part 2 covering the period 1990 to 2013. This additional companion to Part 1 will be launched at the next re-union in 2013. Cannot wait as this book will likely include every competitor reading this item!

Mike Murchie