East Ayrshire Club Championship

EACC Trophies

Our top award, aimed at the clubs best all-rounder, covers all competitive events run by EACC.

Your best 6 scores over the year count towards the Club Championship, with a maximum of 4 from any particular discipline. Disciplines are defined as rallies, sprints and autotests/grasstests. To be counted in the final results you must also have signed on and marshaled (or officiated at) at least one event you are not competing in.

You must enter the events as an EACC member for results to count.

The points system is based of 6 points for a class win, 5 for second place, 4 for third, 3 for fourth, 2 for fifth and 1 for sixth. On rallies a navigator scores the same as the driver.

This should open the award up to a wide range of potential winners!

The EACC Committee's decision is final in any dispute over the interpretation of these rules.

Club champion winners Alan Mair - 2017 Club Championship Winner


Current Championship Leaders
David McGeachie 12
Colin Tullis 12
Bill Lambie jnr 12
Rober Cockling 12
Andrew Hamilton 12
John Mackenzie 12
Andrew Connell 12
Derek Connell 12
Alex Graham 12
Stephen Alexander 12
Alan Mair 12
Ian Wright 12
John Reed 12
Jim Sugden 12


Download the current full championship standings